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Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais

Title: Introduction to Intelligent System Modeling, Optimization, Selection and Evaluation Methods
Abstract: The main objective of the talk is to introduce intelligent system modeling, its dimensions, and associated selection/evaluation procedures.

Standard modeling techniques have inherent limitations therefore; the surge in the development and application of intelligent modeling has been seen recently. Intelligent modeling methods have many dimensions the most important; however, is the bio-inspired dimension. In the last 3 decades neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and fuzzy logic have been applied widely to solve various system modeling aspects. These methods however fail to capture the overall nature-inspired computing characteristics. Therefore there is a need to come up with new computing paradigms that contain all the aspects of nature-inspired computing. An introduction to one such modeling paradigm will be discussed in the talk.

The second part of the presentation will focus on the model selection, and evaluation aspect. The notion of model accuracy will be discussed along with the limitations associated with it. Relatively newer concepts such as precision, recall, sensitivity, specificity, and receiver operating characteristic curves will be discussed. The discussion in this part of the presentation will be focused on binary classification systems.
Resource: Prof. Zaeem Yaqoob Khan
Title: Strategies for Internet Branding
Abstract: Branding and Brand Management are considered the most pivotal dynamics of today’s enterprise. The world of internet however emphasizes a unique connotation of what a brand should be. The creation of an internet brand means to create a user experience.

An excerpt of a column by HYPERLINK "http://www.clickz.com/3622709" Robert Manning stresses it as follows:

“In the Internet space, branding means creating a great user experience. Internet branding moves beyond logo, tagline, key messages and graphic identity into the customer's real-time interaction with the brand, for the entirety of the online experience.

Building brand equity via the Internet requires all the positioning skills of an ad agency, but perhaps more importantly; it requires the keen foresight of an information architect or usability guru. Internet brand strategy requires the expertise of a human factors engineer to plan web site construction and management around how and why people use a particular web site in the first place.

Every company seeking to use the Internet to further establish brand equity should focus on offering utility that is not found in  the physical world, while guaranteeing key functionality speed, intuitive navigation, ease of use, content quality, personalization, customer service, and security and privacy assurances.

As the Internet is an interactive, user-initiated medium, Internet brand strategists must also be exceptional listeners, especially since digital consumers are no longer passive recipients of marketing messages. Because increased dialogue is the by-product of exceptional web development, Internet brand strategists should be judged on how well they interpret and utilize customer feedback.”

In the wake of the aforementioned demands for establishing an Internet Brand, the presenter will take on the fundamental aspect of Internet Branding which is its naming convention. This 30 minute presentation will attempt to discover strategies for establishing a successful internet brand name.



June 27, 2011 SERG meeting
11:00 - 1:00 pm
Room 116




University of Central Punjab