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Formal Methods Research Group (FMRG)

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Welcome to the website of the Formal Methods Research Group of the Faculty of Information Technology at University of Central Punjab. systems. These techniques are based on discrete mathematics, such as logic, set theory, graph theory, etc. There are more than 90 tools and specification languages http://vl.fmnet.info/ used for developing, modeling and simulating the systems.

Why Formal Methods?

Formal Methods have rigorous tool support for the specification, design and verification of software and hardware systems. Tools in Formal methods examine the entire state space of a system, described in any specification language, by analyzing its properties and result either true or false for all the possible inputs. Formal Methods remove the ambiguities at any level of systems development. Formal Methods increase the confidence, dependability and usability of constructions in developing the systems.

Why Formal Methods Group at UCP?

Formal methods are getting importance at academics as well as at industrial level. For example, according to a survey conducted by a group in European Higher Education  http://www.fmeurope.org/fme/oliveira2004.htm, there are 117 courses spreading over 58 higher education institutions across 13 European countries. More important is that the use of Formal Methods is recommended at least in large and complex e.g. safety critical systems http://www.jpbowen.com/pub/aquis2002.pdf. After realizing the importance of Formal Methods, HEC of Pakistan has included some courses at undergraduate as well as at graduate level in their curriculum to promote the use of Formal Methods in Pakistan http://www.hec.gov.pk/new/AcademicAffairs/Curriculum_Revision.htm.

Currently, in Pakistan, there are not many trained people in Formal Methods who can meet the future national needs in this technology when people all around the world will be using Formal Methods. The objective of our research group is to train our students by offering courses on Formal Methods and guiding them conducting research projects in this area. We believe that our students, after graduating, will introduce this technology at industrial level in Pakistan.

Research Areas:

  • Formal Specifications, Integration of Formal and Informal
  • Approaches for requirements specification, validation and verification
  • Algorithms Designing and Formalizing, Proving Techniques, Model Checking
  • Integration of Formal Methods and Fuzzy Logic/Theory and its Applications
  • Integration of Formal Approaches with Graph Theory and its Applications
  • Analyzing Safety Critical Systems using formal approaches
  • Linking Formal Techniques with Computation Theory.



June 27, 2011 SERG meeting
11:00 - 1:00 pm
Room 116

University of Central Punjab