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Software Engineering Research Group (SERG)

Welcome to the Software Engineering Research Group of the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Central Punjab.

The aim of this research group is to conduct cutting-edge research in the various sub-disciplines of the dynamic field of software engineering and to offer quality education to undergraduate and graduate students in this field.

Why Software Engineering?
In this time and age, software has become ubiquitous. Planes, cars, cell phones, microwave ovens, medical devices, and many other products rely on software for satisfactory operation. This critical dependence on software demands the application of rigorous procedures in developing software. Software engineering – the application of engineering principles to the development of software – promises to meets this demand.

Why Software Engineering Research?
The discipline of software engineering has become much mature than it was a few decades ago. However, there remains a lot of room for improvement. Whether it is due to improper requirements gathering or insufficient verification and validation, a large number of software projects still fail to meet the stake-holders’ expectations. This is primarily because the task of producing good quality software is full of challenges. Even though researchers have tried to address these challenges, a large number of these challenges still remain.

Research Areas
While the discipline of software engineering encapsulates many sub-disciplines, our primary focus is on the following:

  • Requirements Engineering: Requirements Elicitation, Requirements Specification, Requirements Verification and Validation
  • Software Architecture: Architectural Compliance, Architecture Description Languages, Architectural Styles, Architectural Recovery
  • Software Cost Estimation: Parametric Cost Models, Requirements Elaboration, Software Sizing
  • Software Processes: Agile Processes, Value-Based Processes, Process Assessment, Process Improvement
  • Software Project Management: Project Scheduling, Project Tracking
  • Software Quality Assurance: Automatic Test Case Generation, Debugging, Regression Testing
  • Software Reengineering: Model Extraction, Code Refactoring, Forward Engineering

It is a great honor for UCP and Faculty of Information Technology that Dr. Farooq Ahmad has been announced as a Chair from Pakistan for International Conference on Sensor Networks and Mobile Computing (SNMC 2013), Hong Kong, China; Sep. 13-15, 2013.s

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